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Get Quality Linux and Windows VPS Solutions For Less

Discover the power of VPS Hosting, providing you with total control over your web and database environments.

By transforming a physical server into multiple virtual servers, each with guaranteed resources, we deliver a performance that is a cut above the rest.

Housed in top-tier Australian datacentres, Zen Hosting’s VPS solutions feature superfast NVME storage to ensure speed and stability.

Enjoy robust protection from DDoS attacks and a user-friendly remote console designed to simplify your hosting experience.

Whether you're a small to medium business, an online store, building a portfolio or running third-party apps, our VPS solutions are the perfect fit.

Choose between a Self-Managed VPS for hands-on control, or a Managed VPS and let our expert team handle the intricacies.

Propel your online success with Zen Hosting's VPS solutions – your perfect partner in digital growth.

Australian VPS

Take advantage of high-performance, enterprise-grade server infrastructure in state-of-the-art Australian datacentres.


Unlike OpenVZ, a KVM VPS is fully isolated, putting you in full control of your hardware resources, plus our nodes aren’t oversold.

Supercharge with NVME

Don’t settle elsewhere for slower, less stable SSD storage when superior NVME delivers way faster website load times.

DDoS Protection

Our powerful network security measures include around-the-clock, heavy-duty defence against DDoS attacks, giving you peace of mind.

Root Access

Root access lets you retain full control, but you don’t have to worry about this if you opt for a Managed VPS because we’ll manage it for you.

Linux or Windows VPS

Get a Linux VPS or Windows VPS and be spoilt for choice with a range of operating systems, from Debian to Windows 2019, for deployment.

Remote Control

An easy-to-use remote console lets you troubleshoot issues when other access methods aren't available, as well as reboot your Australian VPS.

Managed VPS Options

If you don’t have the time or tech know-how to set up, secure, monitor, maintain and backup your server, a Managed VPS is best for you.

Pick the perfect virtual private server and enhance with optional management

Australian VPS

VPS Lite
Entry Level VPS
30GB NVMe Storage
2GB Memory
2 cores
1000GB Premium Bandwidth
1 Dedicated IP
VPS Plus
Enhanced Performance VPS
60GB NVMe Storage
4GB Memory
4 cores
1500GB Premium Bandwidth
1 Dedicated IP
VPS Premium
Ultimate Power VPS
120GB NVMe Storage
8GB Memory
8 cores
2000GB Premium Bandwidth
1 Dedicated IP

Your Choice.

Linux and Windows VPS












Upgrade Your VPS With Expert Management Services From Your Trusted Local Specialist

Don’t have the in-house resources, time or confidence to ensure your VPS stays secure and running? Explore our VPS Management solutions for complete peace of mind.

Zen Hosting specialises in Managed VPS

Expert Support

Our dedicated team of qualified server engineers has helped everyone from tech novices to IT professionals across Australia since 2014, achieving a 4.9/5 Google Business rating.


Proactive Remediation

Save precious time by letting us take care of your initial setup, ongoing performance optimisation, monitoring, updates, backups and more as part of our comprehensive VPS Management service.

Powerful security measures are part of our VPS Management.

Enterprise-Grade Security

We’ve got you covered with DDOS protection, firewalls, software patches, malware scans, SSL and proactive monitoring, so you never have to worry about VPS security.

VPS Management on the Linux and Windows platforms that’s affordable.

Affordable VPS Management

We bundle enterprise-grade architecture in Australia, leading software, powerful security solutions, regular backups and VPS Management into a server package that won’t break the bank.


Compare VPS Hosting Solutions and Support

Operating System
Self Managed
Fully Managed
As low as $19.99/month
As low as $29.99/month
Self Managed
As low as $24.99/month
See Plans & Pricing
Fully Managed
As low as $199.99/month
See Plans & Pricing
Ideal for seasoned users wanting total control over their server. Perfect for those seeking expert handling of server tasks.
Root access Check Check
cPanel/WHM Optional Optional
Operating System Paid Option CentOS (Linux VPS) or Windows Server 2022, Server 2019 or 2016 (Widnows VPS)
Control panel Paid option cPanel/WHM (Linux VPS) or Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition (Windows VPS)
Zen Hosting console access Check Check
Softaculous script installer Check Check
LetsEncrypt SSL included Check Check
Unlimited email accounts Check Check
Free content transfers Check Check
Network guarantee Check Check
MySQL Check Check
Monitoring and alerts 5-minute intervals 1-minute interval
Standard Hosting phone support Check Check
Comprehensive help/how-to video library and technical blogs Check Check
Community peer-to-peer advice Check Check
Dedicated services team - (control panel recommended) Paid option Unlimited service requests.
Content migration Paid option 5 free site migrations, ‪70%‬ discount off service fee for additional site migrations.
Server setup Paid option Check
DNS setup and configuration Paid option Check
SSL installation Paid option Check
HTTP/2 server configuration Paid option Check
SQL Server Express install Paid option Check
Package management Paid option Check
Email client setup Paid option Check
PHP module install/upgrade Paid option Check
MySQL optimization Paid option Check
WordPress setup Paid option Check
Disk space audit Paid option Check
Firewall rules configuration Paid option Check
Call for custom service request Paid option Check
Access to expert proactive support Paid option Check
Virtual private server setup incl security Paid option Check
DNS configuration Paid option Check
HTTP/2 server configuration Paid option Check
SQL Server Express installation Paid option Check
Operating system installation and updates Paid option Check
PHP module installation and upgrades Paid option Check
Apache finetuning Paid option Check
MySQL optimization Paid option Check
Web site migration assistance Paid option Check
Database management Paid option Check
Application or software installation Paid option Check
VPS security patching Paid option Check
Malware and blacklist removal Paid option Check
Advanced VPS performance analysis Paid option Check
Ongoing maintenance Paid option Check
Disk space audit Paid option Check
Automated backups Paid option Check
On-demand backups Paid option Check
Self-service backups Paid option Check
Snapshot Paid option On Demand
cPanel / WHM or DirectAdmin (Linux VPS) Paid option Check
CloudLinux (Linux VPS) Paid option Paid Option
Litespeed (Linux VPS) Paid option Paid option
Softaculous (Linux VPS) Paid option Check
Kernelcare (Linux VPS) Paid option Check
Imunify 360 (Linux VPS) Paid option Check
JetBackup (Linux VPS) Paid option Check
SolidCP control panel (Windows VPS) Paid option Check
MSSQL (Windows VPS) Paid option Check
Network monitoring Check Check
RAID health monitoring Check Check
VPS performance monitoring Paid option Check
Web site monitoring Paid option Paid option
Next-generation Australian datacentres Check Check
Network firewall Check Check
Enterprise-grade server architecture Check Check
Virtualisation KVM VPS KVM VPS
Root access Check Not needed (we manage everything)
Fully managed hardware Check Check
IPV4 and IPV6 connectivity Check Check
Unlimited traffic Check Check
DDOS protection Check Check
Virtual private server port blocking Paid Option Check
SSL Paid Option Lets Encrypt

Australian VPS FAQ

Your Virtual Private Server Questions Answered

Do all servers have the same type of CPU cores?

Comparing virtual cores across providers can be challenging without knowing the hardware platform.

At Zen Hosting, we utilise powerful Supermicro servers, which have a ton of processing power.

If you require more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why is a KVM VPS best for me?

A KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) VPS may be the ideal choice for you due to its many benefits including complete resource isolation, ensuring dedicated resources like CPU, RAM and storage are available for your applications, leading to better performance and stability.

Additionally, KVM offers true hardware-level virtualisation, allowing for enhanced customisation, improved security and compatibility with various operating systems.

With a KVM VPS, you can install your preferred operating system and configure it according to your specific requirements, giving you a high degree of control and customisation.

If you need more information, our expert team is always available to provide guidance and assistance.

What does the VPS console look like?

Zen Hosting's VPS console grants remote access to your VPS, even when it's unreachable. From here, you can execute reboots, shut-downs and access the HTML console. Alternatively, if you choose a Managed VPS, our experienced team will handle these tasks and more on your behalf.

What add-ons can enhance an Australian Windows VPS?

You can boost your Australian Windows VPS with practical software add-ons, designed to optimise performance and streamline server administration. In addition to VPS Management, consider these options:

Plesk Obsidian Control Panel
Efficiently manage your server using Plesk Obsidian, a powerful and user-friendly platform featuring comprehensive security and monitoring tools for a seamless user experience.

For comprehensive protection, we recommend Kaspersky. It's designed to guard against viruses, spyware and other malicious software.

Microsoft's MSSQL is a robust relational database management system available in various editions to suit your specific requirements. You can use the free version of MSSQL if your database is smaller than 10GB.

Explore these valuable add-ons to optimise your server's capabilities and support your online presence.

What add-ons are available for an Australian Linux VPS?

Elevate your Australian Linux VPS with our selection of high-performance software add-ons, designed to optimise performance, streamline administration and secure your online presence. In addition to Management, consider these top-quality options:

cPanel WHM
Effortlessly manage website files, MySQL databases, email accounts and more with the cPanel control panel, while WHM enables you to administer cPanel, including the creation and suspension of cPanel accounts. Opt for a managed service in Australia and enjoy a complimentary cPanel WHM installation.

Like cPanel, DirectAdmin simplifies website administration. We support both cPanel and DirectAdmin, making it easy to choose the best fit for your needs.

Take control of resources, enhance security and boost performance with CloudLinux. It also has the convenience of a PHP version selector. We can install and configure CloudLinux on Managed Servers in Australia.

Upgrade to LiteSpeed for faster page load times and WordPress acceleration, replacing Apache for a more efficient experience.

Softaculous or Installatron
Simplify software installation on your Dedicated Server in Australia with these one-click auto-installers.

Stay up-to-date with the latest kernel and security updates without downtime, thanks to KernelCare's automatic updates.

Imunify 360
Defend your system against attacks and easily detect and remove malware and viruses with Imunify 360's robust security features.

Ensure data safety with JetBackup, a comprehensive backup solution offering full cPanel account restore, file/folder restore, database restore, disaster recovery and backups to multiple destinations. Our tech experts set it up on Australian servers under our Management.

Upgrade your VPS experience with these add-ons, tailored to maximise your server's potential and help your online presence thrive.

Why should I opt for VPS Management?

Managing a server can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for those with limited technical know-how. Zen Hosting's VPS Management stands out by offering a more comprehensive solution compared to most providers.

Our experienced experts in Australia start by securing your system and proactively monitoring its performance and health, taking into account factors such as CPU usage and load.

We offer extensive support for system administration and technical issues, perform necessary software upgrades, and can even set up and manage backups on your behalf.

Keep in mind that hosting providers vary in their skills, practices and services when it comes to VPS Management. Zen Hosting's optional Management is trusted by a diverse clientele, from tech beginners to seasoned IT professionals across Australia.

By choosing our Management service, you can leave the crucial tasks to us, ensuring your system remains secure and runs optimally. Without VPS Management, you’re responsible for all these tasks.

Why does the price of VPS Management vary at different providers?

Each provider's management offerings vary, impacting pricing.

A great indicator of the support you'll receive is how promptly and thoroughly they address your sales inquiries.

So, why not put us to the test? You'll be pleasantly surprised by our exceptional service.

Why should I choose Zen Hosting?

Zen Hosting stands out as a proudly Australian-owned business, not part of an overseas conglomerate.

We're committed to delivering exceptional service and affordable solutions for the long haul.

Our premium servers, housed in Australian datacentres on quality networks, are never oversold, ensuring a smooth performance without unwanted slowdowns.

Our proactive approach and dedication to addressing customers' needs set us apart. When technical issues arise, our skilled support team resolves them swiftly and efficiently.

At Zen Hosting, our genuine passion for web hosting and customer service drives our excellence.