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Your Destination for Australian Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers

Experience the Flexibility of Self-Managed and Efficiency of Managed Server Solutions in Australia

Unleash the ultimate power and flexibility in your digital realm with our Dedicated Servers.

At Zen Hosting, we provide complete isolation of server resources, offering you the autonomy to customise your web or database environment according to your unique requirements.

We believe in delivering the best; that's why we only use enterprise-grade Supermicro and Intel hardware, coupled with lightning-fast NVME storage in high-security data centres across Australia. This powerful combination ensures your server performs optimally, delivering superior speeds and reliability.

Are you concerned about managing your Linux or Windows server? Don't be. Opt for our Managed Server options on either the Linux or Windows platforms and let our team of experts handle the technicalities while you focus on your core business.

We don't just provide servers. We offer peace of mind.

Web host Zen Hosting offers the best Australian Reseller Hosting with NVME for fast sites.

Enterprise-Grade Servers

Take full control of enterprise-grade Supermicro and Intel hardware in Australia for super-powerful computing performance and full customisation.

Zen Hosting’s Managed Servers and Self-Managed Servers are housed in Australian datacentres.

Australian Datacentres

Our powerful bare metal servers are housed in top-tier ISO-certified, hyper-connected Australian datacentres for exceptional reliability and security.

en Hosting’s Dedicated Servers are stable, fast and secure.

Stable Network

Take advantage of a decentralised network, with no single core for max redundancy, as well as optimal low latency routes.

Zen Hosting’s cPanel Reseller Hosting in Australia comes complete with WHM and more.

DDoS Protection

Our powerful network security includes around-the-clock, heavy-duty DDoS protection to guard your website against denial-of-service attacks.


Root Access

Root access gives you full control of your Self-Managed Server, or opt for a Managed Server and let our team of qualified experts manage your system.


Blazing-Fast NVME

We’re big on the latest and greatest tech including the fastest available storage, with NVME providing blazing-fast website performance.


IPMI Access

Configure your system with IPMI / KVM to remotely monitor and control your bare metal server.


Linux or Windows Server

From Almalinux to Windows 2022, we offer a full choice of operating systems for deployment on Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers in Australia.

Zen Hosting specialises in Server Management, offering Managed Servers on the Linux and Windows platforms.

Managed Server Options

If you don’t have the in-house resources to set up, secure, monitor, maintain and backup your Dedicated Server, we’ve got you covered with a Managed option.

Buy Dedicated Server for ultimate computing power.

Isolated Resources

A Dedicated Server provides an isolated platform, so you get the system all to yourself and never have to share resources with others, unlike other hosting options.

Buy Dedicated Server for ultimate computing power.

Host Virtual Machines

Get your Australian Dedicated Server set up as a node and run multiple Virtual Private Server instances. Contact us to learn more.

Zen Hosting’s cPanel Reseller Hosting in Australia comes complete with WHM and more.

BYO Software Licences

Choose from our extensive software list to customise your Linux or Windows Dedicated Server in Australia, or bring your own licences.


Your Go-to Provider for Managed Servers in Australia

Are you short on in-house resources, time or simply lack confidence managing your server? Our Management services are here for you.

Zen Hosting specialises in Managed Servers on the Linux and Windows platforms.

First-Class Management

We offer trusted, reliable and efficient management services, recognised by tech novices and IT professionals alike across Australia, with a high 4.9/5 Google Business rating.

Zen Hosting’s Managed Servers are best for people who don’t have the time or tech know-how to run their system.

Fast Remediation

Save valuable time by letting us handle your initial setup, performance optimisation, monitoring, updates and backups as part of our comprehensive Management service.

Our Server Management on the Linux and Windows platforms includes powerful security measures.

Powerful Security

Your server security is our priority, ensured through rigorous measures including DDOS protection, firewalls, software patches, malware scans, SSL and proactive monitoring.

Buy Dedicated Server on the Linux and Windows platforms that’s affordable.

Competitive Pricing

Avoid the need for in-house engineers and system administrators, as we offer Managed Dedicated Servers at consistently low prices, providing you with quality service every day.

Dedicated Servers FAQ

Your Dedicated Server Questions Answered

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is a type of web hosting where an entire physical server is allocated to a single user or business.

This means you have exclusive access to all the server's resources, offering unparalleled performance, security and control.

Who needs a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Servers are ideal for large businesses, high-traffic websites and applications that require high performance and maximum security.

They're also suitable for businesses that have specific requirements that can't be met by shared or VPS hosting.

How secure is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Servers are inherently more secure than shared hosting solutions, as you are the only one with access to the server.

We also provide robust DDoS protection and offer a range of additional security services for peace of mind.

What is RAID and why is it important?

RAID, which stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, is a critical system that uses multiple hard drives in coordination to enhance performance and provide data redundancy.

RAID 10 is considered the pinnacle of RAID systems, offering both speed and resilience, but for a startup, RAID 1 offers a sufficient balance of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

With RAID, you can trust that your data is robustly protected against potential drive failures, keeping your digital world secure and efficient.

How do you monitor Dedicated Servers?

At Zen Hosting, we take server monitoring seriously.

Our dedicated servers are vigilantly monitored through an external system, providing round-the-clock oversight of crucial factors, from the HTTP status of vital websites to the health of your RAID system.

If you have unique monitoring requirements for any of your websites, we're more than willing to accommodate.

It's part of our commitment to provide you with a hosting environment that's not just reliable, but truly personalised.

What's the difference between Managed and Self-Managed Dedicated Servers?

With a Managed Dedicated Server, our team of experts takes care of server maintenance, software updates, security patches and other technical tasks.

In contrast, a Self-Managed Dedicated Server means you're responsible for all server management tasks, providing greater control for those with the technical expertise.

How does a VPS compare to a Dedicated Server?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) and a Dedicated Server both offer a significant step up from shared hosting, but they do have key differences.

A Dedicated Server is essentially a physical server that's entirely dedicated to your website or business. You have full control over its resources, including CPU, RAM and storage, and you won't share these resources with any other user. This type of hosting provides the highest level of performance, security and control, but it also comes with a higher cost and requires more technical management.

On the other hand, a VPS is a single physical server that's been partitioned into multiple virtual servers, each operating independently and with allocated resources. While you still have a certain level of isolation and control as you would with a Dedicated Server, other users are hosting their websites on the same physical server. This can potentially mean a slightly lower level of performance compared to a dedicated server, but a VPS is generally more affordable and requires less technical management.

In short, the choice between a VPS and a Dedicated Server depends on your specific needs, budget and technical capabilities.

Can a server support multiple Virtual Private Servers?

Absolutely! At Zen Hosting, we have the expertise to configure your Dedicated Server as a node, enabling it to run as many VPS instances as your business or organisation needs.

For example, you could have one VPS for your development environment and another for your production environment - a practice we highly recommend.

This flexibility allows you to streamline operations, segregate workloads and enhance your overall hosting experience.